finding joy: 122 ways

August 2, 2017

The journey of finding joy- something that seems to be overthought by many. The bigger the better, right? But truly, lasting joy & happiness is not found with the big ticket objects. Its the gentle moments with small details that can be seen each & every day.



Here's how I find my joy:


easy mornings + fulfilled afternoons

moonlight shining into the bedroom

belly-aching laughter

quiet winter walks

the sight of deer hopping through the forest

feeling God’s grace

the calmness after a gooood run

knowing he’s the one

being loved even when you mess up

creating art

the warmth of the sun sinking into your belly

feeling inspired

the night of christmas eve… and all of the cookies

home-made cookies on sunday morning before church

falling asleep next to someone you love

butterfly kisses

birds chattering in the morning

feeling c a l m

night swimming with the stars shining above

crunchy fall leaves

drinking hot tea from mason jars

tracing the face of someone you really really love

the fragrance of home-made bread fresh from the oven

realizing how everyone in the world is connected

randomly remembering a good memory

road tips + going somewhere new

the sense of being u n i t e d

raindrops on flowers

the aroma of beehives + honey

fall leaves with fresh snow

when snow sparkles from the sunlight 

wearing flowery tunics

watching birds swoop in and out for food at the bird feeder

dainty flowers

understanding what His word truly means + incorporating it into your life

flaky pie crust

writing & reading letters

candles flickering at night

falling asleep with the windows wide open

waves hitting the shore

being in harmony with the world

warm rain + lightning

exposed brick walls

hot mugs of black coffee

pots and pans hung up in the kitchen

golden hour in all seasons

the sight of stacked wood

driving down side streets in town and looking at beautiful homes

being intentional with movement

thinking effectively 

hearing i do + i will + i can

the fresh smell of earth


abundance of opportunities

supportive women

bald eagle sightings

robin eggs in a nest

the texture of an oil painting

opened doors + new chapters

frozen waterfalls

butterflies landing on fingertips

turtles peaking their head through murky water

monarch caterpillars on milkweed

animal tracks in the snow

bookshelves filled

dew in the morning

grass between toes

giving and receiving surprise gifts

bunny-eared pages

thunderstorms in the spring

forgiveness and apologies

the strength of letting go of ego

“there’s no seeing God face-to-face without first ripping tear the things to open the eye”

flowers from matthew

looking through old photographs

hand-made gifts

farmer’s markets in the summer

jam + honey on bread

shadows from flowers 

mom n’ pop restaurants

hot runs + jumping in the creek afterward

wet pavement after a rain

winding roads

dimply faces and creased eyes

a racing hear after a strong run

sand covered toes

clear skies at night

the excitement of a new day

fresh picked fruit

people who really want to know how you’re doing

drooling before the first bite

hand-churned ice cream

long lines but finally reaching your turn

old men with soft voices in flannels (my dad)

recipe books with folded pages and written notes

sharing dessert with matthew

pies cooling on the window sill

grey skies with light in the horizon

folding warm laundry

 flower doodles + doodling in general

 small + warm + cozy homes

 farmhouses with lots of acreage

 dark wood floors

 snow covered pine

 ice cream cones

buffets with lots & lots of dessert

 snowflakes on eyelashes

 dried lavender + smelling it’s calming aroma

 farm to table food

 church on sunday + hearing His word + feeling like it was meant for you

 walks to the library then getting lost in book for hours on end

 new dresses that fit just right 

 sunflower fields

 weddings + personal vows

 journaling in the morning + writing down prayers to Him

 cotton + linen fabrics

 roosters crowing in the AM

 freshly laid chicken eggs

 spring peepers in the evening

 being complimented on something you work hard at

happy + laughing babies

 sitting on the dock next to fresh water



Slow down will you? And notice all the small joys around you :)



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